I’ve been meaning for ages to read up more on CSS so I could do more with the website, and yesterday gave me a good project to work on with it. The Kind-Of-Secret Commentary has been moved to a new, and hopefully permanent, position as I transition to using the Transcript feature for it’s intended purpose more consistently. It could still use some polish tweaks, but overall I’m happy with how it came out.

Of course, the real test will be seeing how it works in non-Dave environments. Curse you, Dark Reader…

↓ Transcript
Carrie: B-Benny, please! Be p-polite.

Gien: I would heed your mother, boy.

Selkie: What do you want to talk me about?

Gien: Simply your training, and your duties as an Echo.

Selkie: OH, that! Yeah, I’m doing real good at that! I can turn it on AND off now!

Gien: I... well. How wonderful.

As some readers have noted, even among Sarnothi it's off the norm to be pushing obligation and duty to younglings like Selkie. Standard Echo training for sarnothi who exhibit the ablity at a young age usually involves focusing on control and discipline, until they reach post-puberty and can begin journeyman-level work under guidance of a mentor.