Jade and Trevor, I borrowed Miss Muffet a second time for an exit scene, hope that’s alright. And I’m sorry for the horrible tuffet joke. XD

Friendly Heads Up! There will be a Sketch Saturday bonus update this week. In the name of story progression I decided to axe the two-strip scene that would have “aired” next week (it was kind of random for it’s own sake and didn’t really add anything except acting as a questionably-necessary transition).

However, the scene included some non-sequitur dialog that I personally REALLY love and I’d hate for it to not see the light of day. So, come back on Saturday for a special Deleted Scene bonus update!!

I was going to have the scene-change in the last panel as a smooth gradient, but I think the abrupt difference is more appropriately dream-like. Or it is for my dreams anyway.