Nothing like a dream sequence for a gratuitous cameo. 😀 Little Miss Muffet is from the webcomic Shards, written and illustrated by my friends Jade Griffin and Trevor Black. Jade and Trevor, I’ve taken the liberty of giving Dream-Muffet a PHD in Electro-Science and Rocketgineering.

I have also created a new Monthly Donation Image based on the last panel of this comic. You can see a sample to the viewer’s-right side. It was a good excuse to do more experimentation with this digi-paint thing I’ve been fiddling with lately.

My original drafts just had Ricky and Tony blasted into space and disappearing into a twinkle of light. If you've seen Pokemon more than twice you know what I am referring too. I like the idea more of them being launched into space for a purpose, though.