Little bit of behind-the-scenes info today.

So, I was doing some thinking over the weekend about the current format of the comic. As in, the comic format entirely.

Sometimes I feel as if the comic format has become, in a way, limiting to the telling of the story. Each page needs to be self-supporting to a degree and dialogue that might give context or explanation to characters actions sometimes needs to appear a page or two away from when it actually happens, and it can cause scenes to be interpreted… wildly until that context can be delivered.

Basially, I’ve been wondering for awhile now if Selkie wouldn’t work better in a prose format. So I thought I’d try it with my intended dialogue for this update. One thing you will notice here is that there’s things mentioned in prose form that didn’t make it in the comic itself. This is a problem I’ve run into for years, trying to work out fitting intended dialogue in within the confines of panel borders:

In fact, this simple single double-spaced page of prose was so long compared to what would fit on a comic page, I decided to take the last paragraph or two and use it towards Wednesday’s. It seems like I can fit approximately two comic pages of dialogue into a single prose page.

It makes me wonder if prose wouldn’t yield a FASTER telling of the story, honestly. Just food for thought. I think I’d miss the drawing aspect of it too much to commit to a full prose format, but… well, I can’t help but wonder I suppose.

And additionally, I have FANART TO SHARE! 😀 MerryThornS shared this with me on the Discord server:

And these Teenage Versions of Amanda and Selkie were drawn by Lord Obvious:

Thank you both!

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.