Just a reminder, Andi has not yet been told certain things. Reference: https://selkiecomic.com/comic/selkie1009/ ‎

Also, just in case there are those unfamiliar with the Bible who may not get the last panel: Andi is referring to the Book of Revelation, which discusses the End of the World.

And lo, a great beast did fall from the sky, a fury of steel and flame crashing upon the land. It stood upon many legs, brandishing a different weapon in it's many arms. Astride this beast, mounting it with the ease of a conquering warlord, stood The Destroyer. The Herald of the Apocalypse. The Destroyer spoke in a mighty voice, which flew across the land in a peal of thunder that all may hear and witness the great proclamation: "BASKS IN THE GLORY OFS DOCTOR TERRORHAMMER!!"