I can not believe I’ve drawn 1000 of these comics. I’m not fully sure how I feel about it except that I’m really glad to have had the chance to do it at all. Selkie is pretty much the first project I started and actually, well… STUCK WITH. And I’m glad for it, every day. I love the characters, writing them drawing them and bringing them all to life. They’re in my head pretty much every day, and I love letting them out to play.

Looking forward to continuing the story, especially on where… current developments may be leading. 😀

Additionally, I got a 1000th Comic gift from Kristine Melendez on the Facebook page. Super cute!

Thank you for the gift Kristine!

And thank you, all of you reading for continuing to support me and the comics and just generally being awesome. You all are a big part of why I love doing this, and why I look forward to many many more.

Thank you, everyone. May the Eel God bless you all on this day.


Spoiler Alert: other interesting things happened, indeed.