Back in the saddle folks, good to be drawing again! Took a vacation to Washington DC this past weekend, had a lot of fun, but the return trip home unfortunately met with tragedy. Tragedy most tragic.

I partook of a Spicy Food Challenge in a biker saloon in West Virginia, and spent the entire remainder of the car ride home chugging Pepto Bismol and cursing my fate. At one point I also tried to go to the bathroom, only to find out the “fun” way that I had not washed all of the nuclear wing sauce off of my hands. The whole day was fire and regret.

At least my taste buds started working normally again. Everything tasted funny throughout Monday. >_>

The four Clans each have traditional roles in Sarnoth society, but individuals are free to work outside of those roles if they choose. Plo Quar's job as a Peacekeeper was/is atypical of Jin'Sorai, who are traditionally artisans and builders.