So, I have to be honest with everyone: Today’s strip was a last-minute add-in. I improved it after reading commentary on yesterday’s strip, more specifically comments on the Semi-Secret Director Commentary.

I mentioned that it had occurred to me to draw the final panel of the previous strip as a Star Wars reference since Selkie refers to her marker as a “laser sword”, but such a reference wouldn’t work for Amanda since she’s not a Star Wars-y type person so I abandoned the idea entirely. Some readers suggested going for it but with a differing reference for Amanda.

I really liked that idea so I thought about it, and came up with this: Selkie has an established love of mad science, and Amanda has recently shown a fascination with fairy tales. Instead of media references, what if I came up with fantasy-states along those lines? Something a bit more personal to each character.

And thus, we came to this epic showdown: Princess Amazinga, Gadgeteer Extraordinaire vs Princess Outer Space, Ruler of the Stars!

Tune in Monday for the thrilling most-likely-messy conclusion of the battle. 😀

And lastly, a Fanart Update! Jacque of ISO Photo Studio sent me this drawing of Amanda!


Thank you very much, Jacque!

Had I gone ahead with media references anyway, Amanda probably would have been Disney's Cinderella.