Thank you for all the comments on the style experimentation, gang. As a reminder, the regular black outlines will return to the strip’s art style on Thursday’s update. I placed Todd and Jessie in black borders to help them stand out from the background a little, based on reader feedback. I thought about re-doing outlines for them, but I don’t wanna fall behind on strip production more than I already have this semester, so I hope this is a workable compromise solution for the blobby low-contrast problem. Thank you for your patience!

I mentioned earlier that this chapter is an excuse for me to do some worldbuilding, and Amishtown is part of that. It is one of Calumet City, WI’s big tourist attractions: an amish-themed amusement/water park located in the heart of the city. No visit to Calumet City is complete without a ride on the Barnraiser, a rollercoaster that reaches speeds exceeding 100mph and spans the perimeter of the entire park.