The script for this page was two pages long. I'm entirely too verbose. ---EDIT--- By request, I'm gonna go-ahead and share the original script. Some of it is full of over-explaining that I did as notes to myself on how to convey people, and some of it was just cut out for space time and/or clarity. If you'd prefer to be surprised by the identity of Lilac Arm in the last panel on Friday, read this script later. :D ----- Selkie 558 INT – EVENING – MEETING ROOM – MARLA B SANDERSON ELEMENTARY TODD SMITH stands before the PTA assembly. He is stiff and nervous, but trying to be authoritative. His posture changes as the address moves on, shifting to a more dynamic and determined presence by the end of the page. TODD: Ladies and Gentlemen, some of you know me, but for those who don't, I'm Todd Smith. My daughter, Selkie Smith, attends this school along with all of your children. TODD: She has a rare and unique genetic condition that drastically affects her appearance and requires extra care to address special needs stemming from it. TODD: My daughter has been attacked by other children, in a matter dire enough to require my leaving work in the middle of the day, twice in the two and half months since this semester started. The assembly reacts as TODD describes SELKIE'S recent trials. Their reactions vary between disgust, anger, and bored disinterest. BARBARA and TRUNCHBULL react to the descriptions of the scenarios containing their respective children. BARBARA clenches her teeth in an embarrassed forced smile and talks under her breath to herself. TODD (VO): On the very first school day of the semester, another student covertly followed my daughter to the bathroom, stole the shirt off her back, and ran off to leave her half-clothed in the middle of the school. BARBARA (embarrassed, muttering to herself): Please don't say my name please don't say my name... TRUNCHBULL holds his arms against his chest defensively and looks at the floor, saying nothing. TODD (VO): Last week, she was physically assaulted by a kid strong enough to lift her off the ground and SHAKE her. She kicked him in self-defense to break his grip on her, and was suspended for half a week. Closer shot of TRUNCHBULL; he looks bothered, angry yet remorseful. His instincts are screaming to speak out in his son's defense, but he also knows the action was indefensible. He also knows he can't hide from the truth of it, but he still desperately wants too. TODD (VO): I found out later the boy returned to school the next day with NO PUNISHMENT. His parents worked over the principal until he rescinded the attacker's punishment. On top of that, the attack had been WITNESSED by two staff members, who were silenced when they spoke up against the decision. HOWARD, MIRANDA, and NATHANIEL look at TODD with disapproval. Todd's coming off as ranting, and taking up time. MIRANDA: Mister Smith, what is it you're proposing, exactly? TODD: I'm proposing that we call for a review of the school's policies regarding bullying and tighten up enforcement. A clear cut case of self-defense shouldn't receive a worse punishment than the attacker. JOHN ASHTON raises his hand, chiming in. He sees an opportunity to shut down the effort to undermine him and call out his behavior, and he intends to take it. JOHN: Mister Smith, as the Principal of this school, I can assure you I acted within district guidelines for the entirety of both scenarios involving your daughter. And unless you can substantiate these claims of “silencing people”, I don't think it's appropriate to waste everyone's time with a rant. CHRIS THOMPSON raises his hand at half-mast. He is obscured by the panel composition, with his hand framing the assembly turning to see who is speaking. CHRIS: Yeah, about that. I dunno what Mister Smith's got, John, but I sure got something to back that claim up.