Quick reminder to everyone that I am going to make a daytrip to this year’s Anime Central where I will make myself available for anyone who wants to meet-and-greet and say hello. I don’t have a table of any sort, so my plan is to find a spot in a common area and let everyone know where to find me via Twitter and website updates (Actually using the blog feature for once). I’ll share a picture closer to the event to make finding me easier. Aiming to bring a sketchbook along as well as a small bonus goodie. :3

In non-Selkie news, I just wanna share something fun with everyone. I picked up The Sleep of Reason a bit ago and just started reading it. It’s an independently produced anthology of short horror story comic strips, many of which were written and drawn (and in fact published) by webcomickers. It’s a good read if you like horror stories.

(I have not been asked to plug this, I’m just really enjoying the book and want to share it’s existence with people.)

Almost gave Jessie cartoony flailing anime arms in panel 4. Not quite sure she's THAT big of a spaz though. XD