The Voice of Clan Jin’Sorai is fit to give me nightmares.

At the round table you can see the Voice (a leadership position which leads in-Clan matters) of the Mor'Kama, Tel'Dora, Jin'Sorai, and Sar'Teri (clockwise from top). Jin'Sorai and Mor'Kama are easiest to tell apart; Jin'Sorai are generally light blues and violet skin tones, and have a tendency for green eyes. Mor'Kama are pale greeny-yellow with coal-black hair, and do not develop body markings. Tel'Dora and Sar'Teri can look similar at a glance, but Sar'Teri generally have darker forest-green or olive-green skin tones; their markings are lighter in tone than the rest of their skin, and develop in geometric tendencies. Tel'Dora are a light green-gray to aqua and have stripe-patterned markings.