This comic was half an hour late because World of Warcraft is evil.

(I’ll give you a hint to what I’ve been playing: Pyroblast is the best deal anywhere!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the order in which the next few arcs should happen, and while I have already made my decision, I am also curious which option the readers would choose if asked.

So (with the understanding that I’ve already made a decision and this is a question from my own curiosity, and NOT a “reader’s choice” pohl), if asked would you rather go back to the school situation next, or do the visit with the De’Madieas next?

(If you want to see what my decision was, I will leave it as a comment so people can make a choice without being influenced by seeing what my final decision was.)

Lot of dialogue juggling involved to balance expo-speak with not SOUNDING like expo-speak too much.