Todd’s spider-sense is tingling like crazy.

Just a quick announcement, I’ve been working to compile the first 50-ish strips into an ebook form, for those that want to have Selkie on-the-go. I should have it up in the Selkie Store by the end of the week, but was curious what formats any interested parties would like to have.

The version available on the website will probably be a PDF, but I am also looking into the steps to sell it through the Kindle and iStore options. So, aside from PDF Kindle and iStore, what other ebook formats would you want/like?

Selkie's screeching capacity was referenced briefly back in strip 236 ( My background philosophy for the screeching is that Selkie will use it in anger or for effect (to scare or intimidate for example), but on some social-awareness level, Selkie knows that humans don't screech, so screeching makes her look less human.