Got a few new toys to share today.

Firstly, I created a Selkie facebook page for those that wish to discuss, share, like, and congregate on Facebook. If people wish, I could also use this page as an alternative point of access for new strips.

Also, I will have a new item in the store shortly. I’ve been working on a few Selkie-themed watercolor illustrations, and I have prints on the way for the first one, hopefully ready to go on Thursday. Here is a sneak preview.

Extended Mina dialogue I didn't have room for, for those that like this sort of thing: "I probably shouldn't tell you this, but... well, I believe her story. Plus, she's young, and new, and inexperienced. An incident like this, even if not directly her fault, could destroy her career before it even starts. So, I'm... covering it up... on the condition that she is no longer allowed to take work home."