Everyone, I’m sorry for the black and white comic. I have a paper due tomorrow plus I had a chance to have dinner with some friends from out of town I haven’t seen outside Facebook for almost a year, so I hope you understand. I’ll have it properly colored and word-ballooned sometime tonight.

Also, this Saturday will be another sketch day bonus of the behind-the-scenes head tests. Different theme this time as I’ve made my decisions on the linework and shading styles.

-EDIT- Everyone, I was checking comments when I caught something… At the time I post this there are 10,038 comments made through all the strips so far. You’ve all broken 10,000 comments on Selkie strips… That’s amazing to me. Thank you! <3

-EDIT- I finally got it colorized. I know a lot of you liked the black and white as a transition method, sorry to take it away. But I really liked the interpretation that panel 1 was a transition out of Selkie’s flashback, so I worked that in the background a different way. 🙂

I love drawing quizzical expressions.