I wasn’t originally going to reveal Selkie’s “true” name this early, but I’ve bumped it up because the original reveal point no longer makes sense due to some rewrites, and having her mother dodge around saying her name while saying goodbye was just unbelievably awkward and stiff.

I have not yet mentioned Selkie’s mom by name, so for those who are curious, her mother’s name is Plo Quar.

Selkie’s “true” name and the origin of her barrette have been (obscurely) hinted at previously. If you enjoy the archive trawl go for it, but for those that would like a reference link, here and here.

Megan Rhodes also sent me a cute fanart interpretation of this scene.


Plo Quar's name comes from a story I wrote back when I was 12 about two twin monsters, Fing Mar who had scorpion tails and created smog and storms, and Plo Quar who had caterpillar legs and created rain and breezes. I drew them both on notebook paper and cut them out and made them fight when I should have been paying attention to history. In Selkie canon, Plo Quar has a twin sister named Fing Mar who I have yet to include as anything more than a piece of background information.