I’m sorry for the half-comic gang. Had a busy weekend and lost track of myself.

The backgrounds are about half done, but I need to get to bed and I wanted you guys to have SOMETHING to read come morning. I’ll finish the backgrounds up sometime Monday evening.

(and that little yellow bump on Kenneth’s head in Panel 2 is Heather walking down a hallway. I say this because until I get the backgrounds in, it just looks like he bleached a stray cowlick.)

-EDIT- Comic updated, along with a few other tweaks. The hairshark is gone because with the background in place it made heather look 10 feet tall. XD

I do not approve of the Fairweather's actions in this comic. What they are doing here is reprehensible and someone needs to step in and take action to make sure they never commit a travesty like this again. Mashed potatoes are one hundred times better with the skins ON, Ken and Barb! COME ON!