A brief epilogue to the previous events. Also quite possibly the sparsest dialogue I have yet written. XD

– – – – –

For those that missed it on Thursday, I am currently holding a Costume Design contest. The idea is to design an outfit for Selkie to wear, and the winning design will be used in the next story arc (which will be a visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s. Her aunt and uncle are in town after all!). My only rule is that I’d like something feasible for a contemporary American eight year old girl. Send your entries to dave AT selkiecomic DOT com by April 1st, and please also give me the name you prefer to be credited with. Good luck!

This epilogue takes place shortly after Andi left Todd's apartment. Should provide some answers to those wondering what is up with Andi. For those that despise her... sorry. :D