I’ve more or less reached a stopping point with the Selkie Blender project. My primary goal for it is learning the program, and I hit a point where I need to reconstruct the head and face for a third time to get it to line-up right, so I’m switching subject matter to avoid getting too tunnel-visioned on one thing. I figure if I need to start over again anyway, may as well keep it fresh.

Made this goblin to try and hone my facial construction methods and get started on practicing armatures and bones.

↓ Transcript
THEN: Um... wow. I did NOT expect that reaction.

AVERY: *snerk*

SELKIE: What happeneds to it?

THEN (VO): I can't really tell you that without checking with a few people first.

AMANDA: Whatever you did, it's not gone. The singing got LOUDER.

SELKIE: Hmmm....

AMANDA: You should poke it again.

SELKIE: What?! What if it disintegates ME?!

AMANDA: Then that will be a very important lesson.

SELKIE: ...Don't hates me if I haunt you for this laters.

The goblin will not be appearing in Selkie. I just felt like making a murder-toddler.