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AVERY: Miss McClellan, please calm yourself. You risk scaring the children.


AVERY (VO): I understand youhave a lot of concerns, and I promise you I will answer them as best I can. But, as I'm sure you can imagine, it's controlled information.

ANDI: Yeah... yeah, okay.
ANDI: Signed! Give classified secrets, please!

AVERY: Of course. What you witnessed in Amanda's bedroom is a phenomena usually reserved solely to sarnothi. They're called "Echoes".

AVERY (VO): Approximately one-percent of sarnothi are born with an ability to produce significant amounts of energy.
ANDI: Like that giant laser beam a few months ago?

AVERY: No, that would have been one of the weapons the Echoes built.

ANDI: eeeeeeppp

That or twenty Echoes at once. Either or.