Seven ninjas, all one at a time.

Live drawing VOD, and for the next week only streams may also feature bonus baby-talk to doggos.


↓ Transcript
TODD: Pohl, if you need to go home, I think we can handle "the situation" here for now.

POHL: Thank you Todd, but I need to make sure I stress that it be kept as tightly under wraps as you can for now.

POHL (VO): Amanda could be the first of a whole new wave... or she could be experiencing proximity effects. We need to determine Ifs and also Whys and Hows with some conclusivity.

POHL: And I don't mean to be excessively dramatic, but I'd really rather avoid a scenario where she needs to be isolated for any safety or security reasons.

TODD: Pohl, you make it sound like I'd be the guy in a Fight the Shadow Government movie.

POHL: Well, if you DO know how to murder seven ninjas at once, no reason not to brush up on the skill.

Make sure you also take lessons in "Take a bullet but get and and continue sprinting and doing acrobatic stunts anyway 101"