Andi’s lower-back tattoo is Gilgamesh Enkidu and Humbaba from the Epic of Gilgamesh.

↓ Transcript
POHL: Hello, again.

ANDI: Heya.


POHL: Not going to scream again, are you?

AMANDA: Night's young, sir.

ANDI: Okay, Kiddo, have fun with your Dad and sister.

AMANDA: Bye, Mom!

POHL: Wow. What a fascinating tattoo on her back.

AMANDA: It's from some old poem, I think.

AMANDA: She tried reading it to me once, but I kind of zoned out after the forest monster.

POHL: I suppose everything after a forest monster may be... anti-climatic?

AMANDA: I prefer killer fairies, anyway.

Make Gilgamesh more of a Xena-type character and you may hold Amanda's attention longer. You're welcome, Hollywood.