Some of you have reported to me an issue with clickable links and buttons generating pop-up ads as you browse Selkie. I spoke to my webhost, and they found (and removed) malicious code that somehow got onto my site. I have no idea how it got ther,e and I apologize for any trouble it’s caused you all.  I’ve updated my passwords and 2FA information to try and prevent it from happening again, but to be safe make sure you update and run your spyware, malware, and virus protections.

↓ Transcript
GEORGE: Jeez, Sel, can we stop talking about murder for ONE day? Besides, you'll be fine, dude.

SELKIE: How do you knows?

GEORGE: Didn't you tell us your dad is friends with a government guy? No one's gonna fight that.

GEORGE: You'll be okay, stupid.

SELKIE: Haha... yeahs. Thanks, Georgie.

AMANDA: Maybe next you can stop being so loud?


Never once been loud