A couple people get face-blasted, and new laws tend to spring up.

↓ Transcript
TE FAHN: Turn that off! TURN THAT OFF!


AMANDA: Ugh, thank you.

TE FAHN: Y-you can't, you CAN'T do that at school, Selkie!

SELKIE: Aaw, no one saw.

TE FAHN: When they were preparings us to come here, they told us we can't ever ever EVER talks about Echoes. Its will make people scared of us.

TE FAHN: A-And I know I made the joke first, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have. But you can'ts EVER jokes about hurting people with Echo powers.

SELKIE (VO): Why nots?

TE FAHN (VO): The... the city made rules for the Echoes. Because of the war. If they t-think you're going to hurts people... they'll kill you.

*Law not applicable to Echoes working on State-Sponsored laser projects.