Pew pew

↓ Transcript

AMANDA: I still say we should have tried to torture Tehk a little

SELKIE: Next times.

TE FAHN: Cans we please PLEASE not talk likes that?

GEORGE: Aaaw, they don't mean it.

TE FAHN: I know. Just... please don'ts Echo Zap my cousin, okay?

SELKIE: No promises.

GEORGE: Tehk's your COUSIN?! Why didn't you say so?!

TE FAHN: I-I'm sorry! I didn't knows the right word at first!

GEORGE: I'm sorry, if I knew he was your cousin, I wouldn't have been calling him a jerk.

TE FAHN: Wells he IS a jerk, so...

AMANDA: Hey, you heard that part about "Echo Zap", right?


Today's commentary gonna be cringey, just warning you. So, this scene is a bit of a meta joke to myself. Specifically the part about Te Fahn not knowing the right word for "cousin". In my first drafts of the whole introduction of Te Fahn and Tehk, I had a bit written up where George starts developing his crush on Te Fahn and Te Fahn introduced Tehk as her "betrothed". The intent being to do a Comical Misunderstanding setup where she meant to say "cousin" but got the english words mixed up, and George thought Tehk and Te Fahn liked each other so he went off a-sulking... and that's as far as the idea got, because while working that out I decided to axe the entire Comical Misunderstanding concept, because I had forgotten to account for the fact the characters are only in the eight-to-nine year old range. Way too young for jokes about betrothals and such. I also don't really want to imply that sarnothi society has betrothals as a regular thing, because they don't. The whole concept was just creating trouble that nobody needed.