Coming out swinging with the 2012 callback.

Regarding the Selkie Facebook page, still no reply yet from Facebook on getting access back. My own two factor authentication is blocking me. Waiting on Facebook to reply.

↓ Transcript
Selkie: I thinks we shoulds tries to be nicer to the others.

Amanda: Yeah. Totally.

Selkie: ...Sos, you waitngs on your Mom?

Amanda: No, Dad's taking us... WAIT. Did you forget?!

Selkie: Forget what?

Amanda: OH my GOD, you DID forget! This is hilarious!

Selkie: Looks, don'ts mess with me, please. It's beens a craps day and--

SELKIE performs the Face of Sudden Memory


Amanda (singsong): You forgoooOOT, and I'm gonna teeeeEELL.

Selkie and Amanda are Junior Bridesmaids because they're both too old to be traditional Flower Girls. The family doesn't really have any kidlings in Flower Girl age-range.