Amanda’s displeasure face makes me laugh.

I also have an addition to the Ancillary Art page. A seating chart for Selkie’s class I made for reference:

The three “devil orphan” kids are in this class, coincidentally (ha ha). The girl is Giselle, the light haired boy is Michael, and the boy with the indeterminate accent is Robert.

Ricky Wu and Sandy are in the same grade but a different classroom, and Moonsong and Hamud are a grade lower.

-EDIT- I decided to trim back the overabundance of pop culture jokes in the various kid’s names for the Ancillary Art page entry, but I’ll leave the joke version up here for those that want to see what happens when I lose control of my impulse to be silly. The adjusted-for-self-restraint and new official version is below:

I don't yet know much about Chanelle, but apparently she loves math!