For those who don’t follow Facebook Twitter or Discord, my main computer is in the shop until Friday. However, I have an old laptop that doesn’t get used much I can use to resume comicking, so don’t need to push the updates off entirely just yet.

↓ Transcript
Heather: You know, I think I like THIS kind of teasing a lot more than the punchy kind.

Amanda: When was the last time I even DID that?

Heather: In this calendar year?

Amanda: Hmmph.

Amanda: You have gotten FAR too comfortable with the concept of sassing me.

Heather: Yep!

Keisha: PFFT!

Selkie (VO): bbbrrrrr...

Selkie and Wu: Brr! BRR!!

Amanda: What are they...

Sandy: You don't want to know. I wish I DIDN'T know, but I do. TRUST ME, you don't want to know.