I may have to make a seating chart to keep track of all these background characters. O_o

The previous comic's reader comments brought up a lot of questions about what sort of teaching techniques Selkie's school uses that I must admit, I did not think about. :x After doing some reading, I decided that the classroom uses a whiteboard instead of a chalkboard (easier on potential asthma issues) and uses light colors on the walls and floors to encourage a "bright" atmosphere (the background shadows are also a little paler than the "outdoors" scenes because of this. I left the character's shadows regular so they stand out more), and has some potted plants at the front (not visible in this strip) for color and a sense of life. I read a few articles about computers and even iPads in modern classrooms, but decided that equipment that runs $300-$500 per unit would not be a good investment for excitable and inattentive elementary students, so the kids will use books and paperback journals. The desks have cubbyholes instead of flip tops to reduce accidental finger-slams. GAWD that is a lot of commentary. XD