I have had this scene running in my head for months now, but now that it’s finally out, I feel a bit sad watching it unfold.

So, I’d like to lighten the mood with some cute fan art sent to me over the weekend. đŸ˜€ This is courtesy of Riley:

Thank you Riley!

Sometimes drawing Selkie is a fine balance between "adorable" and "horrifying". Too much realism or detail and she becomes alien and, visually speaking, difficult to relate to. This is why I usually only draw her top row of teeth when speaking. I want her fangs to remain visible on a "day to day" basis so they don't become jarring or unnerving when they DO appear (in the visual language of comics and animation suddenly-appearing fangs tends to signify malicious intent, a trope I try to subvert with Selkie's design); but when both rows of teeth become visible it can create a "baring her fangs" look. I mention this because I personally find the close up of Selkie's mouth here a bit unnerving. She's a sweet stubborn and smart kid, but she also has a mouth filled with razor sharp fangs. She can't help it but it's unavoidable that, to a human perspective, her mouth is a bit scary if you look too closely.