The one where Te Fahn learns the nuances of the genre.

Just want to reply a bit to the topic from Friday’s update, and say thank you to everyone expressing concern for my well-being. I’m not doing as badly as I seem to be making it sound. Just need to get some shirt sorted. You know how it is.

Taking a break from the comic is, to be honest, one of the last things I want to do. Anybody who has been around webcomics for awhile has seen what hiatuses from updating can do to one. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take until I absolutely no-other-options need to. Because for as long as I still chuckle to myself visualizing things like Te Fahn’s face in the last panel, I want to keep drawing these things.

I hope to have a few thousand more of these silly damn faces out of me before I stop.

The Selkie sequel comic is just one panel a day of people making dumb faces. No dialogue, no plot. Just faces.