I am happy to announce the return of the No-Longer-Quite-So-Secret Director Commentary! I think the Transcript widget will work better for allowing the extra comments without creating some of the frustrations the mouseovers were giving people. Just click anywhere in the box that says Transcript to open and close the commentary. 😀

(If anyone happens to know how I can relocate the navigation links to be ABOVE the Transcript widget, I’d love to learn how!)

Also, for those who were wondering about Amanda’s adoption status, she’s still available. She likes ponies, strawberries, and superiority.

I tried to pay attention to lighting and shading direction in this one, with two light sources (a hallway light and the window). I'm so used to shading everything on the "Audience Left" for some reason. XD The policeman is named Officer Martin. I decided to name him after a background/cameo character from Rent. XD I'll talk more about the little boy on the next update.