So, firstly, my apologies for going off the intended path today gang. As I mentioned on the last update, the previous strip was the end of the story arc and since the two week hiatus and guest art doesn’t begin until next week, I intended to draw a one-off with the side characters today.

However when push came to shove… I couldn’t think of thing to draw for it. Normally when I do between-storyline side-character strips I’ve thought about them in advance, planned them out some, and I know what it’s going to be before I draw it. That wasn’t the case here, as being one-strip short of ending the arc at the close of the week just kind of… didn’t happen. And I couldn’t think of anything off-the-cuff for a side character story that would fit in a single page.

So, with the deadline approaching, I went for the first thing to pop in my head: Fire Emblem fanart. I’ve been playing a lot of Fire Emblem Awakening lately, and decided to draw Selkie and Amanda cosplaying as two of my favorite characters, Maribelle and Cordelia.

Sorry again for the filler, but rest assured I intend to use the next two weeks productively. As a reminder, I am taking a two-week hiatus starting with next week. I’ve got some really great reader-submitted guest comics to share for those two weeks, though, so please don’t go anywhere! There’s some really fun drawings and comics sitting on my desktop that I can’t wait to share with all of you!

Enjoy, and I’ll see you in two weeks when Selkie comic strips resume. It’ll be a “shoe”-in.

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.