Welcome to the first Sketch Day Wednesday! And it’s a doozy! This may require some back story for why there are SIX SKETCHES to peruse. 😀

A while back I mentioned that I was making a decision to slash about three to four weeks worth of comics in the name of making the story for this chapter flow better. What you are seeing here is part of the comics I decided to cut out. I wanted to close Selkie’s first day with a viewing of her favorite cartoon, but as I got to that part more and more ideas started coming in and before I knew it Sue and Kathryn had ballooned up to an almost month-long diversion from the main story. I love the idea of “watching” Selkie’s cartoon with her, but a month-long diversion from the main story line seemed a bit much. You may recognize two panels of the one Sue and Kathryn strip I fully colored, seeing as I recycled them for last Thursday’s strip. XD The remaining five Sue and Kathryn side-arc strips are linked below.

Side Arc #2, Side Arc #3, Side Arc #4, Side Arc #5, Side Arc #6

Numbers 4 and 5 have some dialog cut off, so here’s the complete speech bubbles:

#4, panel 1: (Sue) The organic market! Best part of living in San Francisco!

#5, panel 2: (Sue) Um… float me a loan, Kitty-Kat?
(Kathryn) I left my pockets in my other ectoplasm.

Most of them are scans of pencils, and my handwriting is ATROCIOUS. So don’t be afraid to ask if any of the other strips need dialogue clarified/deciphered. XD

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.