I apologize for the late update. I posted the sketches as a blog post instead of a comic entry, and didn’t realize my mistake until Saturday morning. 😡 But, here we go! Sketchies!

This is the very first ever concept sketch of Selkie. The idea for her popped into my head one day at work late last March, and I drew these between phone calls. I would later decide to axe the severely cropped short hair and to make the ridiculously over-large hair bow more realistically sized.

I have included a bonus extra sketch as well!

These are some other sketches from the same day (or so) I did to try and refine Selkie’s design. As you can see, at one point I considered webby fin-ears and ginormously huge hands. Those ideas did not make the final cut, but those who have asked about what Selkie is may take note of an aquatic theme in these early designs.

Also in this sketch: the first scribble of Amanda, and and a scribble of a (potential) adult Selkie who just caught a really REALLY big fish!

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.