Dammit Jim Gien I’m a doctor, not a… wait.

Preliminary dialogue for this bit had Pohl attempting to gently remind Gien that he's overstepping his boundaries giving him such an order, only to be pushed into it anyway. Trimmed it back for space, but here's the original extra dialogue. Pohl: Um, technically Gien, I'm not Jin'Sorai, so... you CAN'T really give me an order like that. I mean, just... you know... technically. Gien (glaring): Hmm. Well, tell me this then Tel'Dora; if I were to find your local Whisper and tell her this situation, would they give you a similar order? Pohl (realizing he's a bit trapped.): Ummm... well, yes. Most likely... Gien: Then MOVE.