I like the look of panels 1 and 6 with the character layers turned off.

Also, bit of an announcement. I think I am long past due for a reader meet-and-greet opportunity, and I’d like to arrange it with a bit more notice than I gave for the St. Louis trip (less than 24 hours notice, it turns out, is bad. XD) So, I’ve decided that I will do a day trip to Anime Central on Saturday May 17. I won’t have an Artist Alley presence or anything like that unfortunately, but I’ll make my presence known. Most likely by planting myself in a common area and tweeting the location. More details closer to the day (I should probably make an announcement image for the sidebar too… XD)

If you can make it, I’d love a chance to meet-and-greet with Selkie readers, even if only for a bit. I’ll try to get some small give-aways for the event too. So… Swag. 😀 More details closer to May!

May have slightly overdone it on the emotive reaction panels. Maybe.