Heather’s still (justifiably) mad.

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I want to take a moment here to direct you all to a few things. Firstly, my friend Kathleen Jacques who does the so-much-freaking-fun comic Band vs Band has set up a Kickstarter to fund the first print edition of BvB strips. And if you’re not into books, she’s also set up a whole amazing bunch of things at various reward tiers. Stickers, handmade dolls, buttons, coloring books, and more. Read BVB, then check out the Kickstarter for some awesome stuff.

Secondly, for those using Twitter, I’m trying to get into it and I’ve embedded my feed into the left sidebar. I like to post sneak-peek previews of upcoming strips on the Selkie Facebook page, and I’ll also try to share them on my Twitter going forward, for those that prefer Twitter to Facebook.

I've filmed college games from the sidelines where soccer players took one hundred mile per hour flying balls right into their gut, shook it off and started running back down the field to help score a goal. Soccer players are a lot tougher than me.