The yard sale went great, and my friends are well on their way to seeing their dreams come true. The outpouring of help and aid from their community was astounding. They’ve got a great home to start a family in. And thank you once again to all of you who helped them out to make that happen. 😀

This is really bad timing and the trip had nothing to do with it, but unfortunately I’m afraid I need to do another half-now half-later comic for today due to some unrelated stuff that just so happened to pop up during my allotted “comic time”. You know how it gets. I’ll start on finishing it up as soon as I get home from work.

I need a Yelling Bird or something for update filler.

Also, in case you don’t remember Clyde.

Very very VERY early in the comic's formation, I had a story arc idea where Selkie stays over at her grandparents, but nobody knew yet about her being carnivorous so they gently coerced her into eating vegetables, she got sick and they all felt very very bad. I pretty much killed the "grandparents don't know she's carnivorous" idea when I realized there was no good reason for that information not to be shared with them, but the base components of that arc became this bit. And as a reader points out in the comments, I actually DID do this bit earlier with the grapes, it just wasn't a "sleepover". So... WOOPS. I slipped up and forgot. XD