“Testicles” is a funnier word than “nuts”, I think.

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So, do I have any readers in or near the area of Quincy, Illinois? Because if so, I’d like to bring an event to your attention.

Two of my oldest friends, Adam and Kristie Tipton, have spent the last few years and a lot of money on fertility treatments to have a child. On July 19 and 20 they are having a fundraiser yard sale to raise money for the final round of fertility treatments. Details on the linked Facebook page. Also, if you are not from the area but would still like to help, they have a donations page here.

I am also working to get time off of work too, so this may ALSO be a meet-and-greet opportunity. More on that if I can, but if nothing else, help my friends if you can please. Thank you!

One of these days I need to make a nice big template for that "rabbit-ears" photograph instead of copy-pasting the original one from back in strip 148.