It’s been awhile since we’ve seen these characters. The man is Principal John Ashton, and the woman reading some sort of pirate-themed novel (again) is the secretary, Lisa Miazelli. The Nurse’s Station is attached to their offices, which was also visible in the background the last time Selkie had to “visit”.

-EDIT- I completely forgot! Two more things! Firstly, the strip’s third anniversary was this past Friday and I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO MENTION OR CELEBRATE IT. So… Happy Year 3! I guess the traditional annual Toddler Selkie sketch will ave to be a little late.

Also, Selkie reader Craig Olsen has used Selkie as a subject of discussion for a thesis paper on online communities. It’s an interesting read, and I rather like his observations on the Selkie comment threads. Craig, hope you don’t mind me sharing it.

God help you if you interrupt Lisa during the swashbuckling denouement.