Happy Belated Friday! I’ve already got Monday’s comic underway, shouldn’t be a delay.

The issue of GPS tags for child safety is something I am going to invoke “character opinions are not necessarily those of the author” for. I feel attaching your kid to a GPS beacon is a personal decision that should be made one on one, but if my google-fu on the issue holds water, GPS implants are more of a sci-fi thing than reality. In real life you would also have to implant a battery into your child for the chip to work. GPS-tagged bracelets are a more realistic approach.

When I was first drafting Mina, I wanted to make sure I got an authentic name, so I turned to Wikipedia for name ideas. I settled on a combination of real-world writers/human rights advocates Mina Assadi and Mahnaz Afkhami. I turned to the same list today for a name for Mina's daughter (Who I don't THINK I've named yet, but if I have I'm retconning it. XD), and chose to name her after Goli Ameri, President for the Center for Global Engagement.