Seems like the sort of thing Amanda would laugh at.

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So, a little bit of bad news for which I am wholly responsible. I may possibly not be able to make a Friday comic this week and almost definitely won’t be able to make a Monday comic for next week. My younger sister is getting married this weekend and I am not as far ahead as I had intended to be by today.

I was thinking of doing sketch updates for these days, but I thought too that the guest comic thing might be a better idea if possible. So, if anyone out there wants to do a guest comic and can short-notice it to me this week, that’d be amazing. Otherwise instead of regular comics on next Monday (and this Friday if I don’t make it) I’ll post some sketch updates so there’s at least some content on the update days.

Truck's gravity-defying tears are an art oversight that I chose not to modify because I really like how his face came out and don't like it as much with the tears running downward. Can't articulate why, it just loses something to me.