As is always the case with Tony’s french, I welcome and invite correction offers. Tried for “Snowball fight” on the translation website I use, I think what I put here is actually “Snow fight”, or maybe “The battle of snow?” Not sure.
-EDIT- Corrected. Thank you Sabsyla.

Also have some stuff to share today! I’ve made some Selkie-themed watercolor illustrations, and I’ve decided to put them up for sale on eBay. These are one-of-a-kind original illustrations, NOT reproductions, so if you’re interested, get them while you can!

Ballerina Selkie

Boxer Selkie

Dragon Selkie

Watermelon Fish

And one last thing. Maybe this is just because I love drawing Sandy’s face, but I adore panel four so much I thought I’d offer a hi-res version. Do with it as you please.

Also comes in fully-toothed version:

Why is Sandy's spirit animal a velociraptor? Because she's a clever girl.