So, I’ve ordered a proof copy for a print version of Selkie Volume 1 (or a print version of the e-book if you prefer). I won’t have a street date for the books for awhile though so stay tuned.

However, I am curious how much interest there is in a print collection, if for no other reason than so I have an idea how many to order. So, if you look on the viewer’s-right side of the front page you will see a poll at the bottom. I’d love it if you could take a few moments to let me know what your stance is on a print copy of the first book.

Also, the e-book is still available for those that prefer that option. The link to the store page is above the poll.

Sandy's heterochromia and freckles make for fun close-ups. And Wu is mad at me because a lot of the Orphanage Crew has kind of slipped into Tertiary Character status over time.