The next arc picks up a couple weeks after this one chronologically, and is a bit more character focused. In particular, I get to reveal something about one of the supporting cast members I’ve been sitting on for a whiiiiile. :3

(by “a couple weeks” I am referring to in-comic timeframes. Next strip is still Wednesday as usual).

-EDIT- Also, it came to my attention that the ComicMix March Madness Webcomics Tournament has started again. If you could nominate/vote for Selkie (as well as your other favorite webcomics of course), I’d much appreciate the help getting the word out.

↓ Transcript
The original ending to this arc was very different in tone in all the wrong ways and I'm glad I revised it.

In the original draft, Mary left the apartment building to get her car brought around, and found a note on the windshield, "You're not very good at keeping secrets." signed with a capital B.

I feel like that ending would have been ominous in all the wrong ways, and more than a little cliched. Not that I'm beyond cliches, mind you. ;P This revised version works a lot better for me.