Brown is srs bsns.

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Just a heads up, but update schedules may be in flux in the near future. My 9-5 contract job is over and I start a part-time job next week, no idea yet what the schedule will be like. I’ll keep you all in the loop re: updates as I can.

Oh, and if you missed it in last strip’s comments, DSHigsby made a Selkie TF2 spray to promote spy-ness. Fun stuff, thank you!

↓ Transcript
It helps to speak dialogue aloud when writing. For example, Brown's last piece of dialogue was originally going to be "Accidents are just infant incidents". Infant Incident is a bit tongue-twistery to say aloud, so I went with new-born.

Maybe it's because I am writing this at 3am, but I can't stop saying it to myself now.

Infant incident.
Infant incident.
Infant incident.