The final damage number of George’s combo was 15 damage to each unit in the area.

Sage’s Elixir adds 3 to the Brains stat for one turn.

Goblin Gunpowder adds 2 damage to the next Explosive-type item’s damage.

The Doom Witch Grenade deals explosive damage equal to the player’s Brains stat plus 2.

What is the base level Brains stat of George’s character?

On the subject of the Haunted House game, I basically made up enough details to give the characters something to talk about, but from what's been presented, I don't think it would work well as a real-life game without a lot of tweaking. The most intuitive victory condition (attack the Evil Boss) is reportedly impossible without a full party of six, limiting smaller play-groups in their choices. And as George displays here, the Last Man Standing victory condition basically turns the game into an arms race of deceit and mistrust which can assassinate players from out of nowhere. (Geoge WAS going to save that nuke combo for the Baron, but well... he had to leave. XD)