I once put a betta in with two goldfish because I thought it was only other BETTAS they can’t be around.

Turns out, the goldfish were the jerks. They were bigger, faster, and kept body-slamming the poor thing. I had to run him back to the store before he got battered.

ALSO, as a reminder, this week I am updating Monday Wednesday AND Friday on a trial basis. Been feeling the urge to push myself a little.

And, in other Happy News… I got accepted to a grad school for sequential art! Still working out the details, but in just a few short months, pending said details, I will be moving to Savannah, Georgia to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. 😀 Beware the yankee!

If you can't quite make out the words on the poster, it says Cypress Miller. She is an in-universe kid's entertainment star. TV, Songs, etc.